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Don't you speak Russian and a girl doesn't understand your language? No problems! An in-built translator will help you understand each other.

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The professional PI program estimates couple's compatibility by 25 parameters. You will find the results of an express-estimation placed near the photo of each girl and get detailed scientific prognosis of your further relations.

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You do not need to wait for months for girls to reply to you. Find who is online or was today, talk with ladies, find that special one- visit her to see if you are compatible.

We work so that to make the site safe place for you- we do not activate the profiles of scammers and have our special anti-scam program.

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Unlimited communication with Russian and Ukrainian brides.You just pay for subscription: Silver or Gold and it will allow you to have unlimited communication with all girls on the site. (Standart Memberships is Free for unlimited time).

Possibility to exchange email with all the ladies listed in our agency. You can exchange personal information with girls you have communication with.

Free use of online translator to communicate with ladies who do not know any foreign language. You can use online translator on the site for free even if you are not a paying member. This will help you to communicate freely with all Ukrainian girls on the site, without limitation.

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Notification from our special mailer when a girl rated your photo for maximum points (she thinks you are sooo handsome, what do you wait for? - write to her!!!)

Many ways to contact the women on the site. The site offers many ways to begin contact with Ukrainian women: postcards, winks, ice-breaks, quick messages.

Ask our psychologist a question and he will help you understand what is happening with your Ukrainian bride or between you

The site that is free of scammers. We have our anti-scam program, that helps us to sift away most scammer that pest dating sites.

Seek the advice of professional matchmakers working on the site - managers of the site

Online support chat where you can ask your question, ask for help with some problems, learn some information. We are always happy to help.

You will always see who is online today and can answer you immediately or who was on the site today or very passive and rarely visit the site. You can write to girls who come regularly to the site, who are serious and understand that building the relationship need time and devotion. Or you can try to write to a girl who was some time ago on the site. Nobody could have written to her and she did not come to see her empty mailbox.

If you want to find a girl younger than you for 30 years you very probably won't have success here(even if you have read a lot of articles and a lot of words on Russian dating sites that Russian and Ukrainian women prefer much older men, it is not about us, sorry. In our opinion, at present it helps scammers to operate and dating sites have money from men. But it is not true, in most cases.)

If you want to register to have a lot of letters from women, then it is better to do it on a dating site where you pay for each letter that you sent or receive from a lady. There you will have tons of letters each day.
We suggest ladies to write to men, but there are not many Ukrainian brides in fact who can do it, they are used to men being active and they wait for initiative from you.

If you want a site full of girls of model type, blonde, tall, waiting just for you- no, you won't find them here in big numbers, we fight with scammers and we do not open such girls when we see they are scammers (we have a program that helps to find it out). We want to make our site a safe place, communication with a scammer is a fairy tale that finishes in broken hearts and broken hopes. We have only real girls here, girls for marriage, not scammers with models photo.

If you look just for dating, you are married and seek adventures, seek in other places. We work only with girls and clients with serious intentions.

We do not sell contact information of the girls who are in clients of our agency. We are not "mail order brides". We think that this method allows scammers to operate on the site, is difficult to support for men, if you want always to have up-to date information (some girls stop being interested in the service after 1 week of being on the site - find someone or just get disillusioned). This method also in our opinion violates the girls right on safety and anonimity.

Why do women register to the agencies?
Why are they looking for a husband abroad?
Girls from Ukraine

1. Mostly the reason for beautiful ukrainian girls to register to the sites is to have more chances to find their life partner.

I think, it shows that a girl is really serious about this when she registers to several dating sites. (she can't know beforehand what site is good, what is not) . She does not just wait, but she is actively searching by the means that are availabe to her.

For these women it does not matter if they will marry a Ukrainian man or a Western, they just look for love.

2. It is easy to find a boyfriend in Ukraine, it is diffiuclt to find a husband there. For many women after 30 it is a problem. They can want to have a child, they want stability that marriage here gives, but men prefer to live together but not connect themselves by conjugal ties. Many men do not want to have children, especially the second child. It is an expensive pleasure now in Ukraine or Russia and the government helps families with children very little.

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Ukrainian Women

3. Many Russian men are not good fathers and it hurts women. They want to care together for their child, to love, to think. But men in Russia prefer to put all the care on women's shoulders. American men are more caring to their children and not to only their children. A woman can hope that if she marries an American he will be a good father to her child and to their own one or two more children.

4. Life in European or American countries is more stable and predictable than in Ukraine. It is not the main reason but one of the reasons why Ukrainianl girls leave their country. You get tired of unstability and unpredictability. You want to live and not to worry what you will live on in several years.The standard of living in Russia for many average people is less than in other developed countries.

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Ukrainian girls  marriage agency

5. Many women come to the agency after painful divorces. They were hurt and want to leave everything behind and just leave from the "white page". Feel that there will be a man who will love them and care for them, who will allow them to love in return.


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