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Scammers. How to recognize a scammer?.

Recognize a scammer? - Easy!

Scammers prefer to give their emails in the first letters and make a man communicate with them not on the site.(he will probably not notice when a sign scammer will be written on their profiles)

Real russian or ukrainian girls prefer first to communicate, then to give their email or to write to email address a man gives.

Scammers do not give their telephones.(Russian or Ukrainian women according to their words do not have telephones). They prefer to phone themselves or "give the telephone of their girl- friend and agree on the time of phone calls.

In reality, Ukrainian women (and people ) all have home telephone and mobiles. In Russia and Ukraine the number of mobiles is more than a number of people.

Scammer prefer to write the firsl letter themselves. (Of course, in this case they have much more men answering and much more victims.)

Women are more conservative by nature, most prefer a man to show their attention to them. They can send a wink or a postcard, but rarely a letter.

Scammer if they put on the site a girl of 23-30 will write in her questionary that she wants to find a man from 25 to 60 or 65. They are not going to live with the man, their goal is money.

Real Russian and Ukrainian brides prefer age difference to be maximum 10-15 years. They want to have a family for many years, they want children, they prefer somebody close to them by age.

Scammers very quickly "fall in love" with the men they are communicating with. They are very eloquent in this. They write a lot about their love and plans for future. They create a fairy tale dream for a man, a dream that will make him loose his head.

Real russian and ukrainian girls are more reserved in this. They know that Internet dating is Internet dating and to fall in love people should meet.

Scammers have many fraudulent credit cards and they can easily join such sites as yahoo, match, date, american singles. Yes, in some time their profiles will be blocked (becuase of fraud), but they will gather some men to work with there.

Ukrainian women do not have credit cards to pay on such sites. They can be as free members but not as paying.

In their long answers scammers write a lot about honesty, seriousness, that they look for honest person and real love and nothing else matters.

Some answers of real women will be very eloquent, original, some will be very dull with standart phrases. In the first type you want find anything about honesty (if a person is honest and has not met many cases of dishonesty, he does not think about this. ). The second type will write about stability, reliability, kindness but not Love (they are shy).

Are many Russian and Ukrainain women scammers?

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